Melasma treatment

Melasma can be described as the blotchy brownish areas and freckle-like spots that form on a women’s face that could be formed due to consumption of birth control pills or during pregnancy

Our experts can treat this most troublesome and chronic ailment with a range of treatments. It is known to be best treated with ‘Chemical Peels’, a Balanced diet, and appropriate skincare management. The dermatologist may also recommend certain medications depending on each patient’s case.

  • Chemical peels-  During this procedure, our experts will apply a chemical solution to the melasma. This can help remove excess pigment.

 It is applied to the skin to remove the upper layer and replace it with a smoother skin below. Therefore, it is also called exfoliation of the skin.


Benefits of seeking treatment

  • Decrease how much pigment your body makes.
  • Even out your skin tone, restoring it to your natural color
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