Dark Circles

Dark circles under eyes are either hereditary or formed by exposure to the sun, irregular lifestyle habits and hectic schedules. Dr. Sunil Mishra uses a holistic approach to remove dark circles on eyes by combining peels, micro current, fillers and homecare solutions. Peels break apart the dead cell layer and bring fresher skin to the surface, reducing pigmentation around the eyes. Micro current makes the under-eye area firmer while also supplying it with additional hydration. Later lifestyle habits and homecare regimes are advised to ensure that you enjoy long-lasting results of dark circle treatment.

Treatment for Dark Circle

The doctor will assess your pigmentation and will come up with a most suitable treatment for you. If the pigmentation marks are mild, he may use lightening creams on your skin to get rid of the pigmentation. This method only fades the color of the pigment and it is not a permanent solution for the removal of pigments.

Other treatment is the advanced laser technology for the skin pigmentation disorders. In this pigmentation laser removal, pulses of light emitted to the skin, which is attracted to the pigmented area. This laser treatment may completely fade the pigmentation marks. This treatment can be used in any part of the body like lip pigmentation, pigmentation on face, leg pigmentation etc. The recovery time for laser treatment is more when compared to the use of creams.

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