Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy (GFC)

GFC is a relatively new procedure introduced to help people suffering from hair loss and for skin rejuvenation. It’s a more advanced version of PRP that offers greater results. This methodology is more advanced than the standard PRP therapy.

Here, instead of platelets, growth factors in high concentration are extracted from the platelets and injected directly into the scalp or skin. This procedure is totally safe, acellular, and autologous.

Blood is collected and mixed in GFC tubes, allowed to stand for 30 minutes which releases growth factors like PDGF, VEGF, EGF, and IGF-1 from the platelets. After centrifugation for approximately 10 minutes, GFC is collected and used on the desired part of the skin.

What are the benefits of GFC?

  • Extraction of high concentrations of growth factors is possible.

  • No platelet wastage during the procedure.

  • It’s totally acellular and hence has no risk of inflammation or pain.

  • The extracted serum has a stable life of 8 hours at room temperature.

  • Negative contamination risk.

  • Easy and simple procedure with no risk of complication.

For therapeutic purposes, growth factor concentrate (GFC) provides a consistent quantity of growth factors produced from a known number of platelets. Cells, cell membranes, foreign reagents, and chemicals are all absent from the GFC making it acellular and safe to undergo.

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