FUE Hair Transplant

In our day and age hair holds more importance anyone realizes until that hair begins to fall out. Then suddenly, the true importance of hair in your life and it’s effect on your confidence is known. In addition to improving your career prospects and social relations, hair may give you an edge in a tight job market. This can make the difference between getting hired and not getting hired. Any advantage helps when the field is competitive. Getting hair restored can help make people more marketable as well as more confident in their overall appearance.

The same goes for hair. Men with fuller heads of hair exude more confidence and may be more successful in their careers.

In a 2009 survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), 59.8% of people who were asked whether they would rather have more hair, more money or more friends chose more hair.

The good news is a well-done hair transplant can be virtually undetectable when performed expertly by an experienced surgeon and team. For optimal results, it is best to choose a board-certified specialist who devotes himself to hair surgery and is familiar and proficient with ‘follicular unit extraction’ (FUE)

In today’s world the importance of hair is virtually unparalleled, so if you have begun to lose yours know that there is a solution and that solution is a hair transplant.

Definition of FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most scientific recent & advanced technique of hair restoration.

In this procedure:

  • Hair follicles are extracted individually from the back side of the head, beard or other body parts with the help of special micropunches (size varying from 0.7mm – 1.0mm).
  • Implanted in the bald area of scalp, beard, moustache, eyebrows or chest.
  • These transplanted hair grow, you can get a hair cut and style them in whatever way you want.

Advantages of FUE

  • Stitchless
  • No linear visible scar
  • No infection or reaction to sutures
  • The patient can wear short hair
  • Virtually painless
  • Less dependency on assistants for results
  • Resume work the next day

Donor Area

The hair in the scalp are arranged in the form of groups called grafts. Each graft consists of 1-5 hair. These grafts are removed from the permanent zone of back and sides of the head. The hair in these grafts do not have testosterone receptor in the area of the hair root and do not respond to the male hormone, testosterone. Also other sources of hair include: beard, chest, abdomen, legs. Our expert surgeon has mastered the art of removing the grafts with minimal damage.

Why Choose us

  • State of the art  hair transplant centre
  • Exposure & training of team from Israel
  • Best results – It is ultimately the results that matter.
  • Staff – Permanent, experienced & adequately trained.
  • Quality prefered over Quantity.
  • 100% transparency at all levels – Grafts given by counting.
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