Fue Enhance

This technique is utilised where we are dealing with thinning hairs in areas other than where transplant needs to be done. This not only optimizes growth rate for transplanted hairs; it also helps stop the hair fall and boost the thickness and growth of thinning hairs.

In this method it is not just care during the transplant but before and after it as well. Enhance works on the principle of PLATLET RICH PLASMA (PRP). In PRP advantage is taken out of the fact that our own blood has lot of healing and growth stimulating properties.

For PRP we employ most precise of separation process which has been refined at every step. This includes special centrifuge, soft spin and hard spin, standardized protocols, degranulation additives to get the most out of each PRP procedure.

Extra Advantages of FUE-Enhance

  • Extended care- In enhance, we nourish the scalp and grafts before, during and after the hair transplant procedure. We follow following scheduling
    • PRP before Hair Transplant- This is done 7-30 days prior to your transplant and covers the recipient area as well as the area of thinning hairs.
    • PRP during Hair Transplant- This PRP is used to hold your grafts while they are not yet implanted
    • PRP after Hair transplant- This is done at one month intervals after the hair transplant to boost up the growth of newly planted hairs as well as other thinning hairs. If need be it is also done for the donor area first time only.
  • More dense hairs- not just in the transplant area but all over.
  • Relief from excessive hair fall- This is almost always seen as first effect of PRP therapy.
  • Faster hair growth- the hairs in thinning area which were growing so slowly start growing faster thus resulting in more frequent visits to the saloon for hairs for which you hardly needed haircuts earlier.
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