Skin care for all


In 20s
  1. Start an antiaging regime and start using eye cream
  2. Stick to the basic skin care regime
  3. Do not use same products that were used in teens
  4. Eat a healthy diet.
In 30s
  1. Add good serum and peptides to daily routine
  2. Try to use products with multiple ingredients
  3. Follow dry brushing before shower daily as it is a best way to exfoliate the body while stimulating collagen production and maintaining elasticity.
  4. Give up habits like sleeping with makeup on, poor nutrition, and lack f exercise.”
In 40s
  1. Choose products with potent ingredients like retinol or Genistein, a soy extract that blocks and diminishes collagen-destroying enzymes.
  2. Take antioxidants like green tea extract, vitamins C and E and lycopene as they also help protect collagen.
  3. Don’t use bar soaps and drying cleansers, instead use non foaming cleanser.
  4. Use targeted products (against pigmentation, dark spots) Exfoliate regularly.
Above 50 years
  1. Use moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, which makes skin look plumper and firmer.
  2. Do not neglect neck, hands and chest, follow skin care regime for these areas also.
  3. Use sunscreen regularly
  4. Include vitamin C, retinol, multi-acids, and antioxidants into daily regime.
  5. Soothe inflammation of the skin as it prone to redness and irritation.  Green tea extract can be used for the same.
  6. Take care of lips also.  Use anti aging ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and exfoliating acids to smooth fine lines around the lips.
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