FUE Hair Transplant

In our day and age hair holds more importance anyone realizes until that hair begins to fall out. Then suddenly, the true importance of hair in your life and it’s effect on your confidence is known. In addition to improving your career prospects and social relations, hair may give you an edge in a tight job market. This can make the difference between getting hired and not getting hired. Any advantage helps when the field is competitive. Getting hair restored can help make people more marketable as well as more confident in their overall appearance.

The same goes for hair. Men with fuller heads of hair exude more confidence and may be more successful in their careers.

In a 2009 survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), 59.8% of people who were asked whether they would rather have more hair, more money or more friends chose more hair.

The good news is a well-done hair transplant can be virtually undetectable when performed expertly by an experienced surgeon and team. For optimal results, it is best to choose a board-certified specialist who devotes himself to hair surgery and is familiar and proficient with ‘follicular unit extraction’ (FUE)

In today’s world the importance of hair is virtually unparalleled, so if you have begun to lose yours know that there is a solution and that solution is a hair transplant.

Definition of FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most scientific recent & advanced technique of hair restoration.

In this procedure:

  • Hair follicles are extracted individually from the back side of the head, beard or other body parts with the help of special micropunches (size varying from 0.7mm – 1.0mm).
  • Implanted in the bald area of scalp, beard, moustache, eyebrows or chest.
  • These transplanted hair grow, you can get a hair cut and style them in whatever way you want.

Advantages of FUE

  • Stitchless
  • No linear visible scar
  • No infection or reaction to sutures
  • The patient can wear short hair
  • Virtually painless
  • Less dependency on assistants for results
  • Resume work the next day

Donor Area

The hair in the scalp are arranged in the form of groups called grafts. Each graft consists of 1-5 hair. These grafts are removed from the permanent zone of back and sides of the head. The hair in these grafts do not have testosterone receptor in the area of the hair root and do not respond to the male hormone, testosterone. Also other sources of hair include: beard, chest, abdomen, legs. Our expert surgeon has mastered the art of removing the grafts with minimal damage.

Why Choose us

  • State of the art  hair transplant centre
  • Exposure & training of team from Israel
  • Best results – It is ultimately the results that matter.
  • Staff – Permanent, experienced & adequately trained.
  • Quality prefered over Quantity.
  • 100% transparency at all levels – Grafts given by counting.

Faq’s of Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

Hair Transplant is the only permanent method of hair restoration in which one’s own hair from the back and sides of the head are extracted and implanted on front in the bald area.

Who can undergo hair transplant?

  • Age of the patient should be 23 yrs or older.
  • Inadequate response to medications.
  • Significant hair loss.
  • Other causes of Hair Loss have been ruled out.
  • No medical contraindications to surgery.
  • Reasonable patient expectations.

Can females undergo hair transplant?


What are the techniques of hair transplant?

Nowadays,Hair Transplant is being done by Follicular unit technique which involves two ways of hair extraction – STRIP method and FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION ( FUE).

In the STRIP method,a strip of skin from the back of head (donor area) is removed with the help of scalpel. The gap at the back of head is then sutured together. The strip is then divided into grafts containing one ,two or three follicles.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction: A stitchless method of hair restoration in which hair root (follicles) are extracted from the back of head under local anaesthesia with the help of special micropunches and implanted in the bald area. In this procedure, no scalpel is required which is used for cutting skin in the ‘strip’ surgery. The entire procedure is done by the surgeons and not by technicians.

In which cases is FUE better than STRIP Technique?

FUE can be done in all cases.

It is most useful for people who keep small hair or shave their head or have tendency of hypertrophic scars     because they will not have any visible scars (As they are only Microscopic).

This is the only method by which adequate cover can be given for NH Gr VI-VII as the hair can be extracted from the head as well as the body in multiple sittings.

In the strip technique, the number of hairs are limited as only those hair which are removed in the strip can be used for transplant.

It is also the preferred technique for eyebrow or moustache transplant or in patients having tight skin.

It is ideal for revision cases i.e. those who have already undergone surgery by strip method. Multiple sittings can be given on consecutive days or later on to give “add-on” hair.

What is the difference between hair and follicular units ?

Hair grows naturally in follicular units of one, two or three groups which if extracted together grow in a very natural way.

Does it hurt?

Hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia all over the world which is administered with very fine insulin syringes which hurt minimally. Also we administer nerve blocks which cut down the number of pricks considerably and lead to prolonged anaesthesia. The surgery per se is painless.

What is the time gap between individual sittings ?

Individual sittings of FUE can be planned according to the time available. They can be done even on consecutive days or few days or a week apart whereas in the strip, you have to wait for 6-12 months.

When can one see the final results?

The hair start regrowing after 3-4 months. Full growth is usually appreciable after 10-12 months.

Is there any difference in the no. of follicles extracted by these methods?

Yes, the number of follicles extracted in STRIP method is definitely more in one sitting as compared to one sitting of FUE. But even one sitting of strip is usually not sufficient for most of the cases which means multiple sittings and multiple scars. FUE is virtually free of scars (As they are only Microscopic) and patient can undergo multiple sittings without much discomfort.

What is the difference in the post-op precautions of both techniques?

In STRIP method, sutures are put at the back of head, so special precautions like sleeping in a particular position, refraining from exercise, avoiding strenuous work etc. are required till the stitches are out.

In FUE, the patient walks out of the clinic, rests for a while and is free to follow daily routine from next day. Even the bandage at the back of head is out the next day. As there are no sutures there is minimal pain post operatively.

What about the scarring ?

Scarring is definitely more in STRIP method and sometimes numbness and abnormal sensation persists at the back of head.

What about the healing period ?

Healing is much faster in FUE and patient is active and mobile immediately after surgery on the same day only     whereas in STRIP a resting period of at least a week is required.

When will the scabs fall off?

The scabs at the back of head and at front fall off after 7-10 days and one cannot even make out the sites from where the grafts have been taken after 2 weeks.

What is the life of transplanted hair?

It is lifetime as the donor area is the permanent zone.

Why is it costly than the Strip method?

FUE the world over is more costly than STRIP as it involves more hardwork and more time period is spent. Also the entire procedure is performed by the surgeons themselves unlike STRIP method where the assistants do upto 75% of the work.

How many hair are required to cover the bald area?

It depends on the bald area as well as the density required by a patient. You can send in your pictures in front-on, sides and from below view for free online consultation and we can advise you regarding the same.

Do the transplanted hair look natural?

The look is definitely natural as transplant is done by FOLLICULAR UNIT method where naturally growing groups are taken out and implanted as compared to the outdated punch transplant where the look was not natural.

What are you waiting for?

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